Residential and Estate Services

Helping You Make Your House a Home

It can be difficult to find time to maintain the cleanliness of your home in between work and free time. Loren’s Cleaning Service in Rochester, NY, can help you. With Loren's estate level cleaning services you will get an immaculately clean house leaving you with more relaxation time, making your day stress-free.

Estate Level Cleaning and Maintenance

Loren's many years of experience in the cleaning business will ensure your home is spotless and up to your standards. She will vacuum all floors and dust all surfaces in your home. Your kitchen will be thoroughly cleaned. Likewise, your bathroom will be scrupulously cleaned and disinfected. She will also service windowsills and maintain baseboards.

As a fully insured business, Loren will keep all of your items unblemished. Loren is very careful when handling delicate items. She will keep pictures, mirrors and glass items streak free. Furthermore, Loren can organize your closets, cabinets and other areas upon request.

Loren's services are not limited to your home. She will tend to your gardens and do plant care. Basement and garage cleaning and organizing are also options.

For those who travel for business or pleasure, Loren will maintain your home while you are away. When you return, your home will be beautiful and clean. You can feel comfortable having a trustworthy, dependable service taking care of your home so you are worry free, making your time away more enjoyable.

Other Services

Along with cleaning services, Loren also has assisted clients with party preparation, holiday decorating, and personal assistant services. Special projects are also an option.

For residential services, Contact Loren today at 585-739-7629. She can also be reached via email at